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 I've been loving the EP's & albums i've been sent to review recently. Sometimes you'll hear something that you just have to stand up and shout about. The band i've reviewed today are awesome; I'm yet to see them play live, though I shall find a gig to go to! Still i've reviewed the bands EP so you can still get your fix of FIRESTATE this week!

  What I love about Firestate is they satisfy my need for alternative rock. Normally of which I get from my American bands, but Firestate hail from Berkshire (UK) so that makes it all the more accessible to get to a live show!
 So what is it about 'Cities' EP that makes it stand out? From the hard rocking alternative sound of opening track 'Skyline' your instantly drawn in; the gritty vocal sound entwined with the tight instrumental parts only adds to the undeniably cool sound of the track. Something a little bit early Linkin Park about this track to me, the first track leads into 'Exhale' a more melodic alternative sound created by Firestate. I particularly enjoyed the vocals in 'Exhale', a beautiful mix of alternative tones and instrumental magic.
  Up next is 'Closer' a song I guarantee will get some airplay and love from the music magazines this year, a brilliant alt-rock anthem for the masses. This tune will certainly strike your attention and get you lost in the music for a few minutes. What captures my attention with Firestate? If you read littlebearwolf features, you'll know that one thing I love about emerging bands is when they remind me of my trusted favoutites but bring me something fresh to rock out to. Firestate do exactly that, by the time I got to 'Part of me,' I'm not only sold on Firestate but ready to scream their praises to just about anybody who'll listen.
 The alternative vocals from James, laid down with the rocking drums, bass & sweetest guitar solos, not to mention tightly executed instrumental parts from Carlos, Martin, Dan & Chris, play to all my desires in an altenative-rock song.
Firestate's EP 'Cities' is unique in it's own way; drawing inspiration from hall of fame worthy musicians, while simultaneously creating something fresh & original for their fans. My favourite track has to be 'Closer'. One things for sure as I listen to 'Cities' over again, is that it won't be long before you start hearing 'Firestate' hitting up venues and festivals the world over. We are hungry for rock, of which you provide the finest kind.

Want to get more of a Firestate fix?
Listen for yourself, go download 'Cities' at REVERBNATION

The band will be announcing gig dates & venues really soon, so keep an eye open and do not miss your chance to see an awesome band!

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